Why Choose Us for Lettings

Thank you for choosing us. We find that most of our customers come to us through recommendation from existing customers and others after searching for advice about renting in the South Bedfordshire area. Whether you are new to property investment or a experienced Landlord you will find the staff at Click That Property committed to providing the highest service at competitive rates whilst having all the safeguards to protect your most valuable investment. The staff pride themselves in having NFFOP qualification and over 50 years of combined experience in corporate role of Underwriting, Finance, Mortgage and Property Management.

We are equally dedicated to providing your Tenants prompt customer service and repairs. We go the extra mile and even provide an Out Of Hours service.

Please visit our contact us page and we will be in touch shortly, however in the meantime please view our website, which will give you an overview of our services. We will speak to you soon.